2022 Vacation & Upcoming Deadlines

Hello Everyone!

As in years past, we want to inform you of our upcoming vacations, and much needed information about Holiday Deadlines. Please keep in mind that it is just Marie and Jenn working in the office regularly now. We hope that Bob, and our computer tech/guru Gary, will be able to help out when we need them. Last year we would not have made it in December without Gary’s help since Bob was helping take care of Marie’s handicapped brother and therefore unavailable.

So as of right now Jenn is in the office 3 days a week 6am-3pm, and Marie is
normally in the office 4 days a week, but her hours vary as she has a lot of outside family responsibilities as well. So we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through our busiest part of the year – as best we can!

We would like to strongly suggest one thing in particular:

If you want to look over your address list, please request that as soon as possible — so you have time to get that done and then get the changes back to us as quickly as you can — so we will have time to work any and all changes before things start to get super busy.

It would be nice to have those worked by the end of October. But please keep in mind that Jenn will be on vacation October 10-12 and will not be back in the office until October 17th. Bob and Marie will not be out of town at any time this Fall, but Marie may take a day off here and there during October and maybe November.

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Deadlines for a Thanksgiving Letter

If you want them mailed (not delivered as we can’t control that) before Thanksgiving, they need to be in our hands by the end of the first week of November, hopefully no later than the 1st, but at least by the 7th.  Please keep in mind we only work the Monday and Tuesday of the week of Thanksgiving.

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Deadlines for a Christmas Letter

Christmas letters need to be in our hands no later than November 14th if you want your letter mailed by December 15th, which is the Post Office deadline, so they get to people before Christmas. (Again, we don’t control that). November 14th is early but with only 2 people working in the office most days, we will need that extra time to get things out.  If you just want the letter mailed before the 22nd (as we don’t mail anything between the 22nd and 29th as whole mailings have gotten lost – even one just last year) we will need those in the last week of November through the first couple days of December.  As always, everything will be worked and mailed, but if you want a certain mailing date, and a chance to get Christmas letters in the hands of your supporters before Christmas, this is your best opportunity to do so.

It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to get a letter delivered, and there is no rhyme or reason that we can see. Once the Post Office has the letters they are literally out of our hands….

These deadlines are very similar to what we set did last year, but they seemed to work well for us then so we decided to try it again this year.  If you have any questions – at all — please let us know.

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