Words from Our Clients

We are honored to have BMC Letter Service care for our prayer letter needs. We had friends that cared for this in the past and are grateful for their help.

However, Bob and Marie have taken this service several notches up and are faithful in caring for the immediate distribution of our letter and we know you will be as happy as we are to have them care for your letter needs. They always see to it that our letters are sent out in a timely manner from the time they receive them.

Steve & Mary Jo

Friends told us about BMC Letter Service in early 2003, when we were in the throws of support raising while we both worked full-time in our regular jobs. They were a God-send! We discovered that because of BMC’s efficiency and bulk discount they could actually send out our newsletters for only a few cents more than we could ourselves. Plus their printing is beautiful.

Their turn-a-round time from receiving our newsletter via email to putting the completed letters in the mail is often as little as 3 days.
Bob and Marie Canaday are technologically savvy, committed to Jesus, and do excellent work. Perhaps even more helpful is their work maintaining our mailing list database.

We’ve now used their services for four years and have recommended them to others. We can’t imagine doing missionary communication work any other way. They are an invaluable part of our support team.

Travis & Lydia

We always dreaded getting our prayer letters out because we knew it would mean 3-5 days devoted to simply printing out the labels, copying and folding the prayer letters, sticking the mailing labels and return address labels and stamps on the envelopes and sealing them!! This wasn’t even including the 2-3 days it took to write and proofread the prayer letter.

Another missionary recommended BMC Letter Service to us. We have received excellent service and professional publishing of the prayer letters, and all for the same price we were spending (because they can mail the prayer letters at the bulk mail rate and we always used first class postage). Now all we have to do is write the prayer letter and send to BMC the new addresses of those that sign up to receive our personal prayer letter! We are very pleased to be able to use the 3-5 days we used to spend on prayer letter mailings on other profitable ministries.

Thank you, Canadays, for providing such a ministry as this!!

Joshua & Barb

Bob, Marie and Company are the greatest! They get our letters out quickly and in good order. When we want to try something different, all we have to do is ask. They are real servants.


BMC Letter Service has been faithful friends and supporters of our own family and numerous missionaries throughout the ABWE world. My wife and I were so blessed by BMC ministries when we lived on the field because once we delivered our prayer letter by email we never worried it would get to supporters.

BMC tracked a multitude of address changes and those with special sending instructions. We were rarely troubled with details. I personally believe that BMC is responsible for a great deal of God’s blessing around ABWE because of well informed prayers by Saints for missionaries. I wish to highly commend them for their work and encourage any missionary to use their prayer letter service. In missions we can do without almost anything except prayer.

Thank, BMC, for keeping those prayers moving.

Michael & Jo Beth

For years as a missionary I struggled to find a satisfactory answer to the challenge of getting out a newsletter. I tried doing it myself, had friends handling it and nothing seemed to work satisfactorily. The amount of effort and lag time was just too great.

Then along came BMC. I was skeptical at first as I had heard nightmare stories about “services” such as BMC, but after my first letter got out in first class condition, in record time and with minimum effort on my part my fears were gone.

Over the years that I have used BMC I have continually been so impressed with their personal touch, friendly, prompt, efficient first class service, I would never return to the old way of doing things. Their service is worth every penny and MORE!!! Just their management of my mailing list — keeping it up to date is worth the cost!

I still want to know how I can sit in Moscow and send a letter to them on Monday and start getting email responses by the weekend. Especially since they mail it bulk mail!!! When I’m in the States I can’t get a first class birthday card across town through the US mails in that time! They’re miracle workers!