About Emails

“Will you email our newsletter?”

We have had requests to forward prayer letters by E-Mail to recipients wishing to receive the letter electronically. We have tried to provide this option and we have encountered the following problems:


Keeping up with e-mail address changes. (Many people change e-mail addresses and many times do not notify everyone in their address book.)

→ Many people are using address blocking software.

→ Many people use free e-mail services that will not accept attachments.

→ The number of programs that people are using.

→ If the recipient does not have the program that was used to compose the newsletter attachment they will not be able to open it.

→ Many ISP’s are reducing the size of their mail boxes and we are getting messages that say “mailbox is full” or “message over quota”.

Because of these very time consuming and somewhat frustrating issues, we are NO LONGER doing any email forwarding at all.

Below are some hints that should help with some of the problems:

Sandy Weyeneth in her new book “Writing Exceptional Missionary Newsletters” gives these tips on e-mail letters.


 “Keep it short. …Keep it less than a page when printed out.” (p. 94)


“Do not send a newsletter as an attachment. …Many people use free e-mail services that do not support attachments or have trouble opening them.” (p. 94 – 95)


“Remember that e-mail is not secure. …E-mail is like a postcard — If you do not want it read openly, do not send it.” (p. 96).

Writing Exceptional Missionary Newsletters
Sandy Weyeneth – William Carey Library
Pasadena, California

This book can be purchased at (www.wclbooks.com). Used by permission.