-Many of you know that we (Bob and Marie) take our vacation the last part of October. This year we will probably stay in town but take some time out of the office during the week of October 11th for some much needed rest and relaxation before the Holiday rush hits. In addition, Jenn (our main right-hand worker here) will be out on vacation Oct 26 – Nov 1.

Please take those dates into consideration when sending us your letters to mail.

If you want to see your list before November, please request it ASAP, and no later than the 14-15th of October. That will give us time to pull yours and get it to you and hopefully for you to get it back to us within a few days. In any event, get back to us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with any changes we need to make for you, as we will need time to get those done. If they come back to us after October 1st, there is a good chance it may affect how quickly we are able to get your letter out if we have a large number of changes to work through before we process the letter. Keep reading! 🙂

October: DEADLINE October 17, 2020

If you want a letter mailed before Jenn leaves on vacation, please get it to us by October 17th, if at all possible. We will still be able to mail while she is gone, but may take a little longer as Marie has other work to deal with as well, and as of now (Sept. 15th) Bob may be out of the much of that time and not available to help.

November: DEADLINE November 2, 2020

If you want a THANKSGIVING letter mailed before Thanksgiving, please have it to us by November 2nd. If you have a regular NOVEMBER letter, send it at any time and we’ll get it out as soon as we can. Please keep in mind we are closed on Friday’s and Jenn is only working 3 days a week now, so she only has 11-12 office days in November before Thanksgiving. All other letters will be processed and mailed as they are received. Please remember we do first-come first-serve as much as humanly possible.

December: DEADLINE December 2, 2020
(Please send in any updates to the list as early as you can.)

Historically our December workload has been ALMOST TRIPLE compared to any other month of the year. Keep in mind Marie works a 4-day week, but Jenn is down to only 3 days a week. Also we TRY to NOT mail any letters after December 20th due to past (20 +years) experience. We have had whole mailings disappear in the postal system … not many … but enough to make us shy away from mailing that close to or even right after Christmas. (The 21st is Monday and Christmas is that Friday, so that Monday may be the last actually day to send mail to the Post Office until after the Holiday.)

This year we will have only 13 working days in December before Christmas – yes just 13! ALL LETTERS WILL BE MAILED. Please understand if your letter arrives before or on the deadline they will be mailed before Christmas, but we can’t guarantee they will be in your donor’s hands by Christmas.

After Thanksgiving we will need to receive your letters as soon as possible. You can send in your December letters toward the end of November. We can always hold off on mailing them until December.

Don’t forget to check out our Holiday Letterheads –  no deadlines for ordering as they are created in house. Contact Jenn with any questions or if
you would like to customize any of the letterheads.