Some of you have probably seen Fort Smith on the national news recently … and The Weather Channel … due to the major flooding along the Arkansas River at Fort Smith.  Fort Smith is in a bend of the river, with Van Buren on the north side of it. The flooding IS catastrophic, but much of the city itself is on higher ground. Along the banks of the river, and a lot of the rivers and creeks feeding into it, it’s another story.  High water is everywhere, and many homes and businesses which are close to the river are flooded. Some are almost completely submerged.

For our part – we are okay and not in any immediate danger.  Our office is about a mile from the Garrison Avenue bridge – which is closed due to the highway on the other side into Oklahoma being mostly flooded – and our home is another mile inland from here.  Getting INTO and OUT of Fort Smith is a bit of a challenge, but not impossible, so the commutes for some are going from 15-20 minutes to over 2 HOURS due to the congestion of vehicles on the AVAILABLE roads.

Rain is still in the forecast, unfortunately, so more flooding will probably occur since there is simply NO place for the water to go.  

Stay tuned and we’ll try to keep you posted! ~~ Marie