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Keeping in contact with friends and supporters is vital to all missionaries…

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Following in their

At the end of their first missionary journey, Paul and Barnabas returned to Antioch where they reported to the church “…all that God had done with them, and how he had opened the door…”  –  Acts 14:27b.

BMC Letter Service is a mailing service enabling cross-cultural workers to follow this example of reporting to their supporters.

2023 News &

The fall and winter seasons are full of hustle and bustle! Here are this year's deadlines for end-of-year mailouts...

(Don't forget to see our Holiday Letterheads - no extra deadlines necessary for ordering, as they are created in-house. Just make sure we get your letter submission in time!)

Nov. 6

Thanksgiving Letter DEADLINE

Nov. 14

Christmas Letter DEADLINE

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What Our Clients Say

“… Now all we have to do is write the prayer letter and send to BMC the new addresses of those that sign up to receive our personal prayer letter! We are very pleased to be able to use the 3-5 days we used to spend on prayer letter mailings on other profitable ministries….”

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